30s Green Polyester spun Yarn

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30s Green Polyester spun Yarn

KINTTING YARN POLYESTER YARN (drop dyed colored yarn)

1.COUNT: From 20/1 to 40/1

2. We can produce: polyester yarn, polyeter melange yarn from #1 to #8 color, polyester colored yarn polyester cotton yarn, polyester viscose yarn, polyester slub yarn Viscose yarn (ring spun, votex, open end viscose)

3. 100% virginal fiber used in our polyester yarn, auto-corn machine to produce. 

4. Usage: 

high strength for knitting using and weaving using. 

5. Delivery time/Productivity 

within 7day after got client deposit.( depend on client order qty, we can produce about 3500tons per month, half qty for exporting) 

6.Origin: China 

7.shipping port: Xiamen,Fuzhou,China

8.Unit price/Term of Payment: Lc sight, Lc xx days, T/T 

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